What Zuckerberg’s paternity leave means for women

© Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook
© Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

The press has been a flurry with editorials this week on the back of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that he will take 2 months paternity leave and what it means for men.

But here’s the thing.  And it’s big.  This is the beginning a shift where having a baby is no longer a womens’ thing: it’s a parent thing.  And employers can finally stop worrying about it and just start planning for it.  For everyone.

Zuckerberg’s announcement hasn’t just had an impact on men who want to take leave and feel that they can’t, it also means that we can all start having more open and honest conversations about how to be successful in the workplace and at home.  And personally, I’m thrilled.

Thanks, Mark 😉

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