Who we are

We are a human resources and change management consulting practice founded on the principal that a strong people strategy is the backbone to business success.  Our founder, Jennifer L’Estrange, started as a freelance HR consultant in 2007 after 15 years of working in Corporate HR and line management roles in Europe and the United States.  After working successfully as a consultant in Switzerland and Australia, she established the practice in New Jersey in 2015.

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What we do

We offer strategic HR services across the employee lifecycle and bring large corporate and consulting experience to the table on a scale that is accessible to smaller organizations.  We partner with our clients to achieve their most challenging business goals though the design and implementation of people based strategies and plans.  We roll up our sleeves and help you deliver, whether it’s setting up a new recruitment process for your growing business or helping you manage the reorganization of a function or a department as a result of a business transformation initiative.

We serve clients in North and Central NJ and NYC.  We work on site at your location and remotely.

Why we do what we do

We are absolutely passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals.  We believe that HR is not an administrative role but a strategic function that guides and contributes to overall business strategy and plans.

How we work

After years of managing consultants that worked for us in our corporate lives, we have a certain approach to our work and the engagements that we take on.

We only take on engagements where we are convinced that we can add value.  If we can’t help you we’ll try to refer you to someone who can.

We keep overheads (and our rates) lower by working onsite at your location or remotely.  We also have access to conference and training rooms through our partners and co-working spaces.