Change Management

Do you have a case for change? Change Management aims to realize the benefits defined in the project business case, business transformation, process redesign, or other change program.  The activities will vary, but ultimately the objective is to deliver the return on investment that the program sets as it’s goal.

We offer project based services that focus on business case preparation, communications and engagement, organization and job design, skills assessments and training planning, changes to policies and procedures, people transition planning / site closure, building performing teams, and HR process (re)design and implementation including recruiting, compensation, development, performance management, etc.

We go beyond high level recommendations and work hand-in-hand with our clients to deliver on the operational objectives that help them achieve the strategic goals of the change program.

Professional Transition

Professional transition focuses on the movement of employees from one position to another, either in or out of the organization.  We offer a unique, project-driven approach to job search for senior professionals that’s available for individuals and groups.  Weekly meetings and learning sessions provide the accountability needed to keep the plan on track.  Typically, we work with contracted individuals for 25 weeks and groups for 12 weeks with ongoing peer group support and accountability after the program.

We are not counselors or outplacement advisors.  Our methodology is grounded in a project management approach that focuses on activities that are common to most job searches, but which put you at the center of the conversation and make you accountable for the activities and deliverables every step of the way.

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